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Pre-Operative Instructions

Please read carefully the following instructions before bringing your pet in on the day of his/her procedure

These instructions are general in nature and may not be applicable for patients with complex medical or surgical needs. Please contact us, a few days prior to surgery if possible, to confirm your pet’s individual pre-surgical requirements should you have any questions.

  • Please ensure your pet is clean. It may be necessary to wash your pet a few days before surgery. Bathing/grooming will not be allowed several days after a surgical procedure.
  • Make sure your pet is free from fleas, mites, ticks etc. If your pet presents with any external parasites to our clinic, we will have to treat him/her before the procedure. This carries an additional cost of $15-45 depending on the size of your pet.
  • Please understand that proper medical protocol dictates that we shave the fur over the surgical site, catheter site, and fentanyl patch site (if used). If this is unacceptable you must discuss this issue directly with the surgeon.
  • Pets undergoing general anaesthetic or twilight sedation will need to be fasted from food 8 hours before surgery, which means no food from midnight the night before surgery.
  • This includes no treats either
  • It is ok for your pet to drink water throughout the night.
  • If your pet has diabetes, please discuss fasting and insulin injections with the vet prior to admission
  • Please encourage your pet to use the toilet before admission. Have a short walk before driving to the clinic or just on the footpath in front of our building.
  • While under general anaesthetic, pets relax their bodies and many may eliminate faeces and urine during the procedure, which can pose a risk to infections.
  • Please bring your pet in time for his/her admission according to your booking.
  • For convenience, if you find it difficult to get in first thing in the morning, admission the night before can be arranged. There is no additional cost.
  • We send an online admission form prior to surgery, however if you haven’t received or completed that please allow 15 minutes in the morning to complete the consent form and the admission process.
  • Depending on the procedure, a 50% deposit may be required the morning of the procedure (we’ll advise you beforehand if that is your case).
  • Dogs: please bring your dog on a lead
  • Cats: in a comfortable carry box
  • Please mention any medications (even home supplements) your pet may be taking and whether they have had that morning’s medication.
  • If your pet has experienced any illness in the week or so leading up to surgery, please advise us during the admission appointment.

  • Most procedures are day procedures. You can expect your pet to go home later the same day.
  • The surgical nurse will call after the procedure to book a discharge time.
  • Please note full payment of veterinary fees is required at the time of discharge.
  • If you need financial assistance, contact our reception in advance. We offer two different loan options: Vet Pay and ZipMoney
If you have any questions, please call our clinic on 07 55466756.